Trouble in Your Tank: Via Hole Filling and Plugging, Part 2

November 15, 2019 | Michael Carano, RBP Chemical Technology

In my previous column, I presented several options with which to accomplish blind and through-hole via filling. In this edition of “Trouble in Your Tank,” I will discuss filling blind vias and through-holes with polymeric pastes.

The branches of military services continue to counter threats by shifting from boots on the ground to more technical solutions that do not require additional personal. The combat environment requires designs that require faster decisions and more rapid processing, rugged displays to withstand 120°F outside temperatures, extreme cold, blowing sand, and abnormal mechanical forces like the shock and vibration in a helicopter; they have to be smaller, lighter-weight, and extremely reliable.



Flex Talk: Additive Electronics Momentum

November 14, 2019 | Tara Dunn, Omni PCB

I have been involved with additive electronics for the past several years, and I have seen the discussion of and demand for sub-75-micron feature sizes slowly grow. Conversations, questions, and research about SAP and mSAP increased...

One World, One Industry: Opportunities Abound for Learning at IPC

November 13, 2019 | John Mitchell, IPC--Association Connecting Electronics Industries

It’s fall, and students are heading back to school. Will you be joining them? IPC offers many opportunities for continuous learning, enabling you to enrich your career and increase your value to your...

Invite Your PCB Partner to a Strategic Sales Meeting

November 11, 2019 | Team ASC, American Standard Circuits

The best way to work with your PCB vendors is to treat them as strategic partners. This means not only sharing your current needs but your future ones as well. I know that this requires a great deal of trust on your part as well as...

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