FORESEE SPI NAND Flash: A Must-have Chip for 5G Devices

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Keeping up with the times after 22 years of experience in the storage industry, Longsys provides durable and reliable storage products which meet the high requirements of smart homes, smart industries, and data centers. SPI NAND Flash—This embedded storage product recently launched by the FORESEE R&D team offers stable, reliable data storage functions for a wide range of devices, including Wi-Fi routers, industrial IPCs, home IPCs, PONs, smart speakers, STBs and video doorbells.

After being commercially available for over 2 years, 5G has not only become a popular network mode in China, but has also dominated major areas of the global supply chain. It has also continued to intensify competition in other sectors. Whether used for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, voice calls or large quantities of mobile communication data, 5G meets various transmission needs. Features like high speed, broadband and low latency enable 5G to form a key part of various scenarios, services and apps. The extensive application of 5G is gradually turning ideas such as smart homes, smart industries and smart cities into reality. To guarantee clear, strong network signals and meet the data requirements of modern networks, the market has various requirements for embedded storage, such as small packaging sizes and high access speeds.

Using WSON8 packaging technology, FORESEE SPI NAND Flash comes in a compact size (6*8*0.75mm), with a greatly reduced PCB space to meet the storage requirements of small devices. The universal SPI interface supports dual I/O and quad I/O socket access, and the internal ECC function ensures secure and highly efficient data transmission. The product also supports the One Time Password (OTP) function, providing customers with more areas in which to securely store information.

FORESEE SPI NAND Flash is available in 512Mbit/1Gbit/2Gbit/4Gbit options, satisfying customer needs for different storage capacities. Its working temperature range (-40℃ to 85℃) meets the requirements of industrial products, enabling stable data transmission for industrial equipment in harsh environments.

FORESEE SPI NAND Flash is JEDEC and RoHS compliant, and has received AVL approval for more than 100 master-control models from over 20 master platforms, including Intel, MediaTek, Rockchip, and Marvell. This product provides customized hardware configuration and software system solutions to suit a wide range of needs.



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